The course of MARKETING MANAGEMENT IN IT SPHERE is intended for the student’s speciality “Management” and “Information Resource Management”. 

The authors of the course are professor at the School of Business of BSU – Tatsiana Zaikovskaya (par. 1-4) and professor at the Private Institute of Management and BusinessElovaya Elena (par. 5-10). 


1. The study of the basic concepts, categories, methods and principles of marketing in the IT field.

2. Acquisition of theoretical knowledge, skills and practical skills in the field of marketing management in IT organizations.

3. Mastering the principles and methods of marketing management of an IT organization for effective professional activities.


As a result of studying the course, the student will:

1. Be able to apply basic scientific and theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing management for solving practical problems.

2. Be able to investigate the situation on the IT market and develop an IT marketing strategy for the organization.

3. Be able to generate ideas, think critically, carry out business communications.

4. Be able to plan and organize marketing activities in IT organizations, conduct audit and control the effectiveness of marketing activities.

5. Have skills related to the use of technical devices, information management and work with a computer.

In this course you will be able to find reading materials.Examples of well-known international and Belarusian IT companies, which illustrate theoretical aspects of marketing management are: Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, Yandex, Kaspersky Lab., Adobe Systems, Wargaming, Sun Microsystems, Epam Systems, Itransition, Gartner, «Гейм-стрим» (Wargaming), Huawei etc.

The practical material consists of the following teaching tasks – essays, case studies, tests, mini-cases, video cases, creative assignments, team projects and master cases. Difficult questions can be discussed on the forum of educational portal. The course provides tasks for student’s independent work. At the end of the course, students can find examination questions, a list of literature and e-sources which will be useful in preparation for classes and helping to be aware of the latest IT-sphere news.

We wish you success in studying the course “Marketing Management in IT-sphere”!